Svava is revolutionizing the way we host workshops by changing the framework, making them more engaging and delivering results.

Become a Stellar Meeting Facilitator.

Be better prepared, better equipped and better at facilitating your future meetings, with the easy to use app from Svava.  This free resource makes it easier, faster and more exciting to run workshops when and were you need them.

Reasons to Sign Up

Built in Templates

The Meeting App features built in templates to help enable you to run more organized and well designed workshops, with less prep time.  Easily select a template and receive a customizable framework for a professional grade workshop.

Manage the Flow

Our templates help you provide all of the necessary information to your users, while the application provides helpful instructions, prompts and directions so that you can seamlessly conduct the workshop, managing time like a pro.

Higher Engagement

How do you know you’ve become a better facilitator? What’s the metric that you measure? Employee engagement.  With this app you are putting the workshop into the hands of your participants and directly engaging them.

How it Works

Host a workshop

1. Setup a Meeting

Register as a host and create a meeting in no time using ready-made templates.

step by step
Workshop in the conference room

2. Engage Participants

Your Meeting participants do not need to register for an account. They simply login to the workshop using a secret code. Participants can contribute using their own devices, and the results are displayed on a shared screen. As a host your device acts as a remote control for navigating the steps in the workshop.

step by step
Idea in a box

3. Distribute Results

Once the Meeting is completed you can immediately export and share the results as a PDF, or print them and put them on a wall.

Top Features:

Web Based

This SaaS is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, for both users and admins.


Challenge and engage your team members to get creative and interact with each other and the topic of your workshops to get better results.


Team members can see what their colleagues have submitted and get inspired to submit more ideas themselves.


No two companies, or meetings are the same, so we have designed our templates to be flexible and allow you to use them as you need.

Help when you need it

Get as much or as little help from the Svava experts as you need. Need to recruit users? Design a new template? We have you covered.

All the Basics Built In

From empathy maps to business model canvases, and everything in between, we have the templates that you enable you to start achieving your goals today.

Convenient, Expertly Designed Templates

Here’s a sampling of readymade templates that will achieve successful meetings:


Find solutions for a specific problem by gathering spontaneous ideas.

Jobs to be Done

Gather and prioritize activities that needs to be accomplished.

Road Map

Visualize your next product and map out the journey to make it a reality.


Identify your Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Take the work out of meetings

Sign up to the be among the first to achieve more enjoyable, more productive meetings!  We’ll send you an email to confirm that you’re on the list and you’ll receive updates, and the date of the launch as we get closer.