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About Svava

Svava is a Swedish company with a global team spread across 3 time zones. We are passionate about helping companies co-create more effectively using software. Our products are rooted in user needs, and designed to get their jobs done. This is expressed in our easy to use, and fast to implement solutions.

Almost every facet of the way we do business has been drastically changed over the years, being digitized, except for the way we co-create in meetings.
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

CEO, Svava

When it comes to brainstorming ideas, creating a business model canvas, or developing a SWOT analysis, we still very much rely on outdated means and processes.

That’s why we digitize meetings, making them produce higher quality outcomes, with automated reporting. Our SaaS gives power to the presenter through professionally designed templates that save valuable time, help keep participants engaged and drive better results.

Open Innovation

How we got started

Elia Mörling, our CEO, started off as programmer at the age of 9 and spent a larger part of his youth building software together with online communities. This taught him about the power of bringing diverse people together online to tackle major challenges. He has since helped startups and big corporates develop ideas, and bring them to market. Along the way he has worked with companies like SAAB, Volvo, Nokia, Pernod Ricard and Ericsson.

In recent years he found that he was involved in projects that were about opening up, and engaging, people that traditionally would not have been invited. Whether it was helping established companies engage their customers early to validate their ideas, or startups co-creating products with users, or collecting young people's ideas on how to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals.

These experiences made Elia think about the kind of solutions that companies and organizations need to be able to co-create effectively. This is the main reason behind the shaping of Svava, and the reason we are on a mission to create solutions that help our clients achieve results through openness, creativity and diversity.

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